A Sudden Dawn by Goran Powell

A Sudden Dawn by Goran Powell"Amazing. The book martial artists have been waiting 2000 years for."

Chris Crudelli, Mind, Body and Kickass Moves


"As good as James Clavell's Shogun."

Lawrence Kane, The Way of Kata


"Inspirational, beautifully written, I loved it."

Geoff Thompson, BAFTA award-winning writer and filmmaker


"Destined to become an epic tale of the warrior's journey."

Patrick McCarthy, Bubishi: The Bible of Karate


"Skilfully weaves fact and fiction to produce a powerhouse of a page turner!"

Iain Abernethy


At the end of the 5th Century, the monk Bodhidharma is travelling from India to China to spread the wisdom of the Buddha. Born to the warrior caste and trained in the battlefield arts since birth, he has renounced the warrior's path to seek enlightenment and follow the Way.

His journey takes him across the Himalayas to the Yangtze River, where he meets Ko, a fugitive from the Chinese army. Ko is the last person on earth who is ready to receive his teachings, but when the two are thrown together by tragedy, a curious bond develops and Ko begins to learn the secrets of Zen and the martial arts.

Their journey takes them across China to the Emperor's palace in Nanjing and beyond, to a monastery in the mountains called Shaolin, where the monks are in need of Bodhidharma's unique methods.

A Sudden Dawn offers a blend of martial arts, Eastern philosophy, intrigue, romance and historical detail, woven into an exciting interpretation of an ancient legend that is at the heart of so many traditional martial arts.