Advanced Practical Chin Na In Depth by Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming

chin na In the last decade, the traditional martial arts have realised the depth of grappling techniques contained in forms and kata, techniques that were, for many years, mistakenly considered to be a strange variety of punches, kicks and strikes.

Dr Yang's Advanced Chin Na gives a taster 'albeit a sizeable one' of the depth of seizing, trapping, sealing, locking and throwing techniques in Chinese forms. He demonstrates 30 techniques with incredible names like 'Butterfly Bores Through the 'Flowers'', 'Heavenly King Supports the Pagoda', 'Spiritual Dragon Waves its Tail', and 'Wild Chicken Breaks its Wing'. The names might sound fanciful, but the techniques are pragmatic and real.

Dr Yang takes us through a series of traps, locks, strangles and throws, but what makes this DVD a cut above the usual is the in-depth explanation that accompanies them. In these, Dr Yang considers the footwork and body-positioning required, the opponent's next attack, and how to maximise body-mechanics to make your technique more powerful.

Two of Dr Yang's students attempt each technique with varying degrees of success, which enables Dr Yang to highlight common mistakes and offer advice to correct them, adding yet another valuable layer of learning to the DVD.

Naturally, the techniques are taken from Chinese forms, notably southern White Crane, however the Chin Na on display also makes fascinating viewing for students of karate, especially those whose style contains a marked Chinese influence.

Beautiful, pragmatic techniques, masterfully shown and explained, Chin Na In Depth is a treasure trove of applications and principles on one DVD. Very highly recommended.