How to Be Your Own Bodyguard by Nick Hughes - Kindle edition

How to Be Your Own BodyguardWhat stands out with Nick Hughes’s book is not the wealth of sound advice or the real-world experience, it’s Nick himself and the way he writes. His style is so vivid that you feel you’re standing shoulder to shoulder with him (or maybe head to shoulder, since he’s 6’6!) as Nick deals with a never-ending horde of thugs, bad-guys, clowns and ne’er-do-wells in his own inimitable style.

For most of us violence is a thing we contemplate from a distance, a potential threat we may encounter rarely or never. Nick writes about it as a daily occurrence, which for him, it often was. His life reads like a modern-day swashbuckling adventure from Australia to Europe and America, living as a karate-man and bouncer… a paratrooper in the Foreign Legion… a bodyguard to rock bands and oil sheiks… a combat instructor to special forces… and most recently a star in Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior.

 Nick draws on the experiences of his many and varied altercations to advise on personal security in the street, in your car, and at home, not just against violence but also against more general threats like fire, motor-breakdown and natural disasters – all the things you never see coming until they hit you.

 Nick also references other expert sources to create a concise but complete self-protection manual. And in true Nick style he pulls no punches and explodes a few myths along the way, for example about what is and isn’t a useful art, a useful tool, and a useful weapon.

 If I were a rock star, I’d want Nick Hughes at my back. But I’m not, so I’ll have the next best thing: I’ll keep him on my kindle.