Becoming The Natural by Randy Couture

Becoming The Natural by Randy CoutureBrutally honest, insightful and comprehensive, Couture has written the first great mixed martial arts autobiography."

Couture is the sport's Babe Ruth, a classy, soft-spoken gladiator

Time Magazine

A revealing self portrait of Randy Couture, including some revelations from his early childhood and personal questions about his father that have never been fully resolved.

Randy admits he wasn't always the true-blue Captain America the media made him out to be. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, ‘Becoming The Natural’ shows the real character of the man who's come to represent all that is admirable about the sometimes brutal sport of MMA.

Unlike many other MMA fighters, Couture has no background in traditional martial arts, however his approach to his fights, his opponents and the whole fight game – which he calls simple sportsmanship – reveal a character and spirit that should educate and inspire martial artists from all styles.

All in all, ‘Becoming The Natural’ offers a great insight into a great champion and is an easy and engaging read. Recommended.