Bubishi: The Bible of Karate by Patrick McCarthy

BubishiPatrick McCarthy is the foremost Western historian of karate-do
Fighting Arts International

This work is a milestone of epic proportions which will help to bridge the gap between Chinese and Okinawan culture
Traditional Karate

A thoroughly researched translation and commentary that will intrigue even the most advanced reader
Budo Dojo

A welcome addition to any martial arts library
Karate International

A document whose secrets, until recently, have remained closely guarded by karate-do masters in Okinawa
Nagamine Shoshin

For many years the Bubishi was a treasured text on Okinawa. It was referred to by many of the greatest karate masters including Itosu, Funakoshi, Mabuni, Higaonna, Miyagi and Yamaguchi.

Patrick McCarthy's translation and commentary has make this classic text available to Western readers but beware: the Bubishi is not a single book, but rather a collection of pieces dealing with history, philosophy, Chinese medicine, vital points and fighting techniques. The cryptic style and language makes it an intriguing read and a valuable insight into the history and origins of karate, but it is hard to grasp in places and sometimes vague and confusing. Nevertheless, a valuable reference book and an interesting slice of history for the library.