Combat Conditioning: Functional Exercises for Fitness and Combat Sports by Matt Furey

combat conditioningThis is not a glossy book, in fact it’s black and white and looks almost homemade, but that doesn’t matter—in fact, it suits the whole style and ethos of book quite well (and the text and pics are perfectly clear). Matt Furey argues that you don’t need a gym to build the power and flexibility needed for combat, your own bodyweight is all it takes, and his own physique (and flexibility) would seem to attest to this.

Combat Conditioning shows a good variety of exercises that are distinctly ‘old-school’ but highly effective, with many of them building good cardio as well as strength and suppleness. Best of all, you don’t need any equipment beyond a floor, and, if you want to go crazy, maybe a wall. Combat Conditioning can give you a seriously punishing workout almost anywhere: in a bedroom, a small backyard, even a hotel room. Furey argues his case for bodyweight exercises well, and generates real enthusiasm for this type of training. So, get yourself acquainted with the Hindu squat, the Hindu push-up and the Bridge, and go from there...