Dead or Alive by Geoff Thompson

Dead or AliveThe front cover calls it ‘the definitive self-protection handbook’ and that’s exactly what it is. No one could be better qualified than Geoff Thompson to write this book, with a lifetime of real experience and his natural flair for getting his point across in his own inimitable style.

Geoff’s writing is, as always, vivid and real. He’s not afraid to tell it like it is, walking roughshod over so-called self defense strategies that won’t really work. He coaches the reader through various attack situations, including even the words and gestures to expect from a variety of attackers from thugs and muggers to hard-bitten rapists and serial killers.

In his drive for ‘target hardening’ Geoff teaches you how to avoid unwittingly adopting the manner of a victim. He even features transcripts of interviews with muggers and rapists where they state what they look for in a victim.

Finally Geoff deals with the tricky subject of what he calls the ‘second enemy’, the law. Even if you have defended yourself successfully against an attacker, you are far from home free. If the police get involved, you could easily end up in court. Here, rather than judging your actual actions, both you and your attacker are judged on your version of events. Geoff gives great advice about what to do, and say, to ensure justice is served.

Get this book, read it, give it to your nearest and dearest, and do everything the man suggests.