The Father of Judo: Jigoro Kano by Brian Watson

The Father of Judo - Jigoro KanoConsidering the popularity of Judo, few martial artists know much about its founder, the remarkable Dr Jigoro Kano. This book is a good introduction to the man who took the best from three styles of traditional jujitsu to create his own Kodokan Judo School.

Part of his genius was his ability to pressure-test his techniques in training, which meant that in challenge matches against more traditional schools, Kodokan Judo was supreme and quickly became a national sensation.

In creating judo, Kano sought to provide a means of leading a more meaningful life, both physically and mentally. He himself exemplified that type of well-rounded life. He was a professor and was later a school principal, chairman of the Japan Amateur Sports Association and the first Asian to be elected to the International Olympic Committee. If you enjoy Gichin Funakoshi's book and style, youâ'll probably enjoy this too.