Fit to Fight: The Manual of Intense Training for Combat by Peter Consterdine

Fit to fight peter consterdine Peter Consterdine begins his book with the famous quote by Nietsche: ‘What doesn’t kill us makes us strong’ and this is pretty much the theme of his writing. While the book contains some great fitness routines including cardio, weights and general exercises, it’s really the author’s tone and style that makes it such an important read.

Consterdine takes no prisoners in his own training as a bodyguard and a martial artist, and he expects nothing less from the reader. He rightly equates the mental struggle of a punishing fitness workout with that of a fight, and how it can be used to develop the aggression and determination as well as the fitness requires to succeed in combat (and/or self-defence).

Like all good fitness books, this one makes you want to jump up off the sofa, grab a training buddy and carry him/her up the nearest hill as fast as you can! Highly recommended.