Four Shades of Black by Gavin Mulholland

four shades of blackI implore everyone who is ‘searching’ to read this book
Geoff Thompson

Gavin Mulholland fully understands the realities of combat and kata
Iain Abernethy

One of those books you own...and never loan
Kris Wilder

Illuminates the traditional path to becoming a complete fighter in a unique and very exciting way

Lawrence Kane

One of the most intriguing martial arts books I've read in a long while

Richard Revell, Waterstones

Luckily, there are people like Gavin still out there proving that Traditional Martial Arts do indeed work
Nick Hughes, Chief Instructor of Fight Survival

Another seminal book in karate, Four Shades of Black shows how kata can form a logical training progression to build the complete fighter – from the opening stages of stand-up fighting to grappling, throws and ground-fighting.

Four Shades of Black covers kata and bunkai from the Goju Ryu Syllabus: Gekisai Dai ichi, Gekisai Dai Ni, Saifa and Seiunchin; plus all the vital additional training required to fulfill the spirit of each kata: partner-drills, padwork, sparring and conditioning exercises with modern and traditional equipment.

Each of the four kata provides a complete area of study. Taken together, they create a structured combative progression that takes the martial artist from beginner to black belt and beyond.

Four Shades of Black also breaks new ground in terms of design, with stunning black and white photography throughout. A beautiful and valuable addition to any martial artist’s library.