Goran Powell

Goran PowellGoran’s martial arts career began in 1972 with Judo. In 1984 he began training in karate, studying Shotokan and Kyokushinkai before settling on Goju Ryu in 1992.

In 1999 he joined Daigaku Karate Kai (DKK) where, in 2002, he completed the gruelling 30 Man Kumite. His memoirs of this experience were written up in his first book, Waking Dragons, which became an instant best-seller on Amazon’s martial arts listings and is now in it second edition.

Today Goran holds the rank of 4th Dan. He teaches and trains at DKK in central London, one of the UK’s strongest karate clubs. He is also assistant instructor for highly successful MMA team DKK Fighters.

A freelance writer by profession, he is researching the history and philosophy of traditional martial arts and has several new titles in development, including his first novel 'A Sudden Dawn' scheduled for release in 2010.


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