Got Fight? The 50 Zen Principles of Hand-to-Face Combat by Forrest Griffin

Got Fight?

Don’t expect to find all the things you usually find in an autobiography – Got Fight? has nothing about Forrest’s childhood, upbringing, relationships or even his fighting career – but even without these, you do feel by the end of the book that you’ve gotten to know Forrest Griffin rather well.

With a haphazard collection of musings, quizzes, reminiscing and hillbilly wisdom, plus comments thrown in from his friends and even his publisher, this mishmash makes an enjoyable, if unconventional, read.

The fighting tips and techniques at the end seem a little out of place and unnecessary. Meanwhile the quiz on whether you're a real man is masterful, and Forrest’s advice ranges across topics as diverse as cauliflower ears, getting women, treating ‘staff’ infections (that always seem to appear on the Ultimate Fighter TV show) and how NOT to be a total douche-bag.

Got Fight? is for anyone who enjoys seeing the world, and MMA in particular, from a unique and irreverent angle.