Iceman - My Fighting Life by Chuck Liddell

Iceman Chuck Liddel

“Mixed Martial Arts’ most recognized superstar.”

USA Today

“A real-life hero in a world of spoiled, whiny poseurs.”

ESPN The Magazine

“Around 80 percent of the fighters have college degrees, including Chuck Liddell, who may look like a bouncer at a biker bar but was an accounting major at Cal Poly.”

Sports Illustrated

Chuck Liddell writes so well that reading ‘Iceman’ makes you feel like you’re hanging out with the man himself!

His personality leaps out from every page, a curious mix of laid-back attitude and fierce determination. Chuck just doesn’t seem to see the world like most people do, which is probably what made him such a big star in the UFC.

He covers his early days wrestling and (interestingly) karate, a hardcore style called Koei-kan which he still holds in high regard. He describes his various training regimes in some detail, which is always of interest to serious martial artists.

There’s also some good background into the UFC: its origins in Vale Tudo, the impact of Gracie Jiujitsu and the eventual arrival of Dana White. Dana and Chuck go way back and the book offers an interesting insight into the man in charge.

Chuck covers his major fights in exciting detail, in particular his rivalry with Tito Ortiz. Sadly, he only touches on the famous excesses of his rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, or perhaps the editor’s pen took it out to keep it good clean family entertainment. Never mind, there’s plenty enough to enjoy in this cool biography from the Iceman.