Lock On: Joint Locking Essentials, Volume 2 Arm Bars & Elbow Locks by Alain Burrese

lock on by Alain Burrese

Alain Burrese shows a variety of arm locks with great skill and flair. The pacing of the DVD is perfect, with basic demonstrations first, followed by the small details that often make the difference between a technique working really well and not so well.

Burrese brings his considerable experience to bear in dealing with a variety of offensive movements, from punches to grabs, and even works from the clinch and the ground. An expert presenter, he includes general principles, body mechanics and evasive movements to create a very complete view of the subject.

Burrese is professional instructor in conflict resolution, and it shows. He offers well-considered graduated responses depending on the level of threat, everything from limb-breaks to simple control and restraint.

The techniques in ‘Lock On: Joint Locking Essentials’ come from Hapkido, and include some interesting uses of the legs from a standing position. However most of the techniques are common to other grappling arts and this presentation will certainly benefit practitioners from all styles.


Both this DVD and Alain Burrese’s work in general are highly recommended.