Made In America by Matt Hughes

‘Made in America’ is a bit of a contradiction. The writing is good, tight and clear – Matt is honest about himself and his relationships with his twin brother, his parents and his girlfriend (and later wife) – but there’s something missing. If this were a novel, you might say it’s difficult to relate to the hero.

In his early years, Matt comes across as an obnoxious hardass and proud of it; and even later in the book when he discovers Christ and tries to ‘be nice’, he still struggles.

The book is not without charm however, and Matt’s character grows on you throughout. The conversations and arguments with his wife are funny and real, and the birth of his first child very nicely done.

When it comes to his training with Pat Miletich and his team, it would be good to get more detail. His epic UFC fights could have been dealt with a little more excitingly, they are often covered in a single sentence which doesn’t do them justice.

On balance, if you’re a Matt Hughes fan, read this book, you’ll probably love it. If not, there are other MMA biographies that are more enjoyable.