Meditations on Violence by Rory Miller

meditations on violenceAs the title suggests, 'Meditations' is a collection of observations by a highly-trained martial artist on the true nature of violence, and those who perpetrate it. As a prison guard, Sergeant Rory Miller has dealt with everything from violent offenders to murderers and rapists, to drug-crazed attackers and the criminally insane. 

The insights he offers, earned from years of dealing with violent criminals, offer dojo-based martial artists a wake-up call as to the types of attack they can expect, and the types of people they might encounter. Miller writes with effortless authority that's impossible to ignore, but what makes his book so remarkable, and fascinating, is his objectivity. While Miller certainly doesn't love these violent men and women, he doesn't hate them or demonize them either, rather he presents a very real picture of whole ugly business.

'Meditations on Violence' makes a good companion to Kane and Wilder's 'Little Black Book of Violence' and, like this title, comes highly recommended.