Waking Dragons: A Martial Artist Faces his Ultimate Test by Goran Powell

Waking Dragons

It inspired me, and I know it will inspire you.
Geoff Thompson

The author's journey is one in which we can find great wisdom, information that all martial artists should know.
Lawrence Kane

Quite simply, this book is impossible to put down unless it's to get another coffee or dunk your biscuit.
Matthew Sylvester, Combat Magazine

One of those rare books that you want to keep reading because it's so good, but fear reaching the end because then it will be over.
Richard Revell, Waterstones



The Thirty Man Kumite is one of karate's toughest tests, reserved for senior black belts with years of experience: one person fights a line-up of thirty fighters, one after another, full contact, moving up the grades to face the strongest, most dangerous fighters last.

Waking Dragons is a true account of Goran Powell's Thirty Man Kumite and the lifetime of martial arts that led up to it. He explains what he learned at each stage and how he put everything into practice in his ultimate test. The book touches on concepts such as chi, `soft' techniques, Zen and mental development. A story of personal development, self-knowledge, the conquest of fear and spiritual growth.