Mixed Martial Arts: The Book of Knowledge by B.J. Penn

Mixed Martial Arts: The Book of Knowledge

One of the most talented athletes I’ve ever had the honour to train with

Randy Couture, UFC Champion

An amazing teacher

Chuck Liddell, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion

BJ opens up a world of knowledge few fighters know and many would kill to know

Big John McCarthy, UFC Referee

BJ Penn is one of the most talented MMA fighters ever to enter the octagon and his ‘Book of Knowledge’ shows that his talent extends to teaching. It is rightly regarded as perhaps the most definitive reference manual for MMA produced to date. 

A lot of books tend to concentrate on one element of MMA – striking, wresting or submissions – but BJ’s combines all three in one volume. The techniques are simple and concentrate on getting the basics right but, importantly, consider the context of an MMA fight where striking, grappling and submissions must all be taken into account.

BJ also gives a useful insight into his own development as a top UFC fighter.

If you’re looking for one reference book on MMA techniques and methods, this is the one to get.