Sanchin Kata DVD: Traditional Training for Karate Power by Kris Wilder

SanchinThis DVD is a great introduction to Sanchin and the perfect accompaniment to Kris Wilder’s excellent book: The Way of Sanchin Kata. Beautifully shot and expertly presented, it offers a first class study of the kata that’s at the heart of Goju Ryu Karate (and present in many other styles, including Chinese arts).

The DVD begins with an informative commentary from Sensei Wilder that bears listening to several times for its deep insights and philosophical value. After this, Sensei Wilder offers an amazingly in-depth demonstration of the Sanchin stance, from the feet, to the hips, stomach, back, shoulders and head – every aspect is examined and explained to ensure the practitioner can achieve the correct physiological connections that make Sanchin so powerful.

The DVD does not contain fighting applications. This is understandable when one considers that the underlying purpose of Sanchin is to develop power from correct posture and structure—power that can then be used in any number of applications found in other kata. As Sensei Wilder so eloquently puts it: ‘If the other kata are trees, Sanchin is the rain that nourishes them all.’

This DVD is recommended for anyone wishing to learn the correct stance and posture of Sanchin, develop power in their karate (and in close-quarter fighting), and deepen their understanding of this vital core kata.