Shogun by James Clavell

Shogun James Clavell

'A huge exotic, blood-stained canvas of medieval Japan, rival warlords, geishas, seppuku, samurai and a shipwrecked Elizabethan' The Guardian

'Mr Clavell tells his story brilliantly' The Times

'One of the great page turners of all time' Good Book Guide

One of the most compelling historical novels ever written, Shogun sets the standard by which other should be judged. James Clavell's epic saga tells the story of an Elizabethan ship's pilot, John Blackthorne, shipwrecked in seventeenth century Japan.

Captured and treated as a despised foreigner, Blackthorne's value is recognised by the local warlord. Slowly he is integrated into Japanese society, rising to become the warlord's trusted adviser and eventually, a Samurai himself.

All the while, civil war looms against a rival warlord competing for the title of Shogun, the military dictator of all Japan.