Solo Training by Loren Christensen

solo training loren christensen

Training by yourself can be hard both mentally and physically. Add to this the difficulty of finding workout routines designed for anyone other than bodybuilders or power-lifters and it’s understandable that many martial artists never continue their training beyond the confines of the dojo.

In Solo Training, Loren Christensen provides an excellently written and much needed guide for all martial artists. Whether you’re simply looking to use your gym time more effectively, or aiming to take your training to the next level, or you’ll find something to help you.

Some drills and exercises may be familiar, but Christensen presents many of them in a new way by adding subtle variations, personal anecdotes and examples that keep the exercises routed in a street-wise practicality. The book covers a wide range of training areas, from mental discipline to cross-training, and includes many readymade workouts to try.

The book’s main appeal is that it helps you to recognize your own weaknesses and create relevant workouts in an educated and systematic manner. Recommended (along with Christensen’s many other works).