Surviving Armed Assaults by Lawrence Kane

Surviving Armed AssaultsAn invaluable source for anyone interested in this vital topic
Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

It’s the book I would have liked to have written
Peter Consterdine

All serious martial artists should read this superb text
Iain Abernethy

A must-read
Dr Jeff Cooper, Toledo SWAT

Almost two million armed assaults take place in the US alone, and with a growing concern for knife and gun crime in the UK and elsewhere, no martial artist can discount the threat of an armed assault.

When weapons are involved, the dynamics of a fight change dramatically. Lawrence Kane brings his considerable knowledge and experience to bear, showing the ‘empty-handed’ martial artist how to rethink strategy and tactics in the event of an armed assault. The book covers far more than guns and knives, including all manner of weapons together with pre-fight avoidance tactics and post-fight actions that could save your life.