The Bodhidharma Anthology – The Earliest Records of Zen by Jeffrey L. Broughton

Bodhidharma AnthologyBodhidharma is known as Do Mo (or Ta Mo) in China and Daruma in Japan. His is the Indian monk who is credited with introducing Zen and martial arts to the monks of the Shaolin temple in its dim and distant past.

Little is known of the man himself, whose life is largely known through legend, however when a hoard of ancient Buddhist manuscripts were discovered in a walled-up cave in Northwestern China early in the twentieth century, this seven part Anthology is now regarded as an authentic text from the master himself.

Jeffrey Broughton offers a clear translation along with an introduction to the history and legend of Bodhidharma together with extensive commentary and notes. A valuable insight into the philosophy of the godfather of Zen and the Martial Arts.