The Book of Chuang Tzu by Sam Hamill and J.P. Seaton

Chuang Tzu"This new translation, which expertly preserves the humor and bite of these ancient teachings, will entice a whole new audience to read and reread Chuang Tzu's writings."
Publishers Weekly

Taoism is as influential to Chinese thought as Confucius or Buddhism, and is the philosophy behind in countless Chinese martial arts, most notably the 'internal' styles such as Tai Chi.

This text, written by 'Master Chuang' and known simply as 'The Chuang Tzu', is one of China's most important Taoist works. Following on from Lao Tzu's earlier masterpiece the 'Tao Te Ching', Chuang Tzu's writing forms a connecting link between this and later Taoist (or Daoist) books.

He writes in an engaging style, sometimes meandering, other times with direct and piercing insight, using vivid imagery, parables and wry humour to make his profound points easy to follow and a delight to read.