The Cutting Season by Arthur Rosenfeld

Cutting Season

A slick, pacey martial arts thriller set in southern Florida. Xenon Pearl is a scalpel-wielding neurosurgeon by day and a sword-wielding vigilante by night. Trained in the martial arts by his Chinese nanny since birth, he is visited by the ghost of the now-deceased nanny. She urges him to right the wrong of both present and past lives, of which there are many.

Soon Xenon ('Zee' to his friends) finds himself up against the Russian mafia and various other low-lifes who deserve his own unique brand of justice.

Rosenfeld is an expert martial artist and healer of high ability and his knowledge comes across strongly in this, the first in a series of Xenon Pearl novels. If you fancy a cool blast of bloodletting in the heat of southern Florida, reach for The Cutting Season and you wonâ't be disappointed.