The Pyjama Game by Mark Law

Pyjama Game'Excellent... a classic in its genre'
Sunday Times

'One of the year's most entertaining sports books, and the best one to be written about a martial art since Robert Twigger's Angry White Pyjamas.’
Mail on Sunday

'This is damn fine stuff, and will entertain and enlighten an audience far beyond the confines of the dojo'

Daily Telegraph

Anyone who steps onto the Judo mat as a beginner at the age of 50 deserves respect. Anyone who goes on to earn a black belt in this wonderful, unforgiving art deserves admiration.

Mark Law did just that, and from his writing, it's clear what gave him the strength to succeed - his passion for Judo shines through from start to finish. 

'The Pyjama Game' tells the story of Judo, from its founder Jigoro Kano to the redoubtable Kimura; the rise of Europeans Judo in the form giant Dutchman Geesink; the coming of the Russians and the re-emergence of Japanese dominance more recently.

Mark Law trained at the world-famous Budokwai in London, where he rubbed shoulders with many Judo greats including Brian Jacks. His book is filled with anecdotes from these great teachers and champions past and present. Recommended.