The Way of Sanchin Kata by Kris Wilder

way of sanchinThis book has been sorely needed for generations!
Philip Starr, Founder of Yiliquan

After 26 years in Goju, I am excited to study and practice this kata

Dr. Jeff Cooper, Toledo SWAT

Put the lessons of Sanchin to the test... a truly great piece of work
Iain Abernethy

A tremendous book that provides readers with a wealth of information
Loren Christensen

If you want to develop real strength, speed, endurance and power...
buy this book

Lawrence Kane

Sanchin is one of the simplest kata to learn, yet one of the most profound and difficult to grasp. Unlike other kata that catalogue fighting techniques, Sanchin concentrates on developing physical toughness and short-range power to underpin the learnings of the other kata, and in the Goju Ryu system Sanchin is often cited as the most important kata of all. Yet considering its importance, there has been little written about it - until now.

This excellent book covers every aspect of this essential kata in great detail, from performance to fighting applications and the health benefits that can be derived from its correct practice.

The Way of Sanchin is essential reference for any martial artist wishing to understand this core kata. Kris Wilder brings his long experience in various martial arts to bear in an interesting and engaging way - an excellent and long overdue book.