The Way to Black Belt by Lawrence Kane and Kris Wilder

way to black beltSo good, I wish I’d written it myself
Patrick McCarthy

I wish I had had a book like this when starting out!
Iain Abernethy

While this book targets students who are studying for black belt, it also illuminates a path far beyond this limited goal
Christopher Caile,

What Kane and Wilder do so well is set down an all-important ‘approach’ to training that will stand every martial artist in good stead irrespective of style. Rather than offering short-cuts to the coveted black belt, they provide a wonderfully clear guide to the correct path – not the easy way, not the hard way – but simply the right way to success.

The book is offers valuable insights and inspiring anecdotes from two lifetimes in the martial arts. Kane and Wilder make excellent mentors and their advice will help readers avoid mistakes, wrong-turns and dead-ends. There's first-rate guidance on finding the right instructor and judging the personality of a dojo - things to look for, and things to look out for - plus all the little things that make a big difference - how often to train, what to eat, how to cope with injuries.

The Way to Black Belt also covers important mental and psychological aspects of training like setting goals, visualised-learning and overcoming self-imposed limits and barriers.

Kane and Wilder draw on sources as diverse as Mushashi, Sun Tzu, Bruce Lee and Von Clausewitz plus modern-day masters from Okinawan, USA and Europe. There's also an impressive list of web-based resources where you can find a wealth of free information.