Watch My Back by Geoff Thompson

Watch my back Lenny McLean had the braun, Dave Courtney had the charm, but Geoff Thompson is in a class of his own

A gritty true-life account of a doorman’s life in the violent club scene of the 80s. Geoff Thompson is a highly ranked karate master who also trained in boxing, judo and wrestling in search of ‘real’ martial arts.

Watch My Back’ is his fascinating account of life as a bouncer, filled with violence, humour and biting realism. It's also a valuable eye-opener for many traditional martial artist, exposing the harsh reality of fighting in dark alleys and car parks with no referees or medics waiting in the wings.

‘Watch My Back’ was the breakthrough book that led to Geoff Thompson becoming one most prolific and respected martial-arts writers in the world. The book has been made into a full length film ‘Clubbed’ which was released in UK cinemas in 2009.