Memoirs of a Karate Fighter by Ralph Robb

Memoirs of a Karate FighterAn exciting and informative read written with passion and precision, that presents a type of 'hard' karate which is now almost obsolete in modern society.
Combat Magazine

A gripping, hard-hitting story of karate training in one of Europe's toughest dojos during the 1980s.

Ralph Robb is a former Wado Ryu champion and European silver medalist. He gives an insight into the training and philosophy of the Wolverhampton YMCA karate club, once the top club in Britain.

He also tells of the fights outside the dojo, how the club provided doormen who cleared a nightclub of a criminal gang and how they took on one of the country's most violent football hooligan crews.

Born in England of Jamaican parents, Robb provides a vivid description of life in high-rise flats where the National Front was very active. He employs his skills as a novelist to offer a powerful story of violence, redemption and brotherly love and an insight into how the discipline of karate saved at least one young man from a life of crime.