Working With Warriors by Dennis Martin

Working With WarriorsDennis Martin is the most credible instructor of real self-defence in the world today
Geoff Thompson

I really enjoyed this book. Dennis Martin has done a service to us all
Gavin Mulholland

Working With Warriors is filled with enjoyable tales of some of the pioneers who brought Karate back to the UK - and actually used it in the real world.

These stories are traditionally passed on by word-of-mouth in dojos and bars after training. To have them written down and documented in the way that Dennis Martin has done has somehow made them permanent and in that, he has done a service to us all.

His book presents a unique time and features three unique individuals. The main characters are portrayed warts and all. They are not angels - they are fighting men; hardened in the dojos of Japan and tempered on the streets and doors of the UK club scene. In these days of watered down Karate, pseudo-Zen instructors and 'family clubs', it's nice to see what Karate originally was, how its practitioners were both feared and respected, and how these men have influenced all of us in the UK martial scene.