Zen and Japanese Culture by Daisetz Suzuki

Zen and Japanese CultureMost books on Zen are, like Zen itself, brief, succinct and to the point. This one is the opposite: a hefty piece of work that not only explains Zen’s origins but also shows its influence in so many aspects of Japanese culture and society.

The author, Daisetz Suzuki, is one of the leading writers on Zen in the twentieth century, with over 100 titles penned during his long life.

In simple, often poetic, language, he describes what Zen is and goes on to explore the surprising role of Zen in samurai philosophy and its relationship with swordsmanship. He also examines its influence on Haiku poetry, tea ceremonies and the Japanese love of nature. The book also features silk screen prints, Zen paintings and calligraphy.

A valuable reference book for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of Zen and its influence on Japanese arts and culture.