The Zen Teaching of Bodhidharma by Red Pine

BodhidharmaBodhidharma is the 6th Century Indian monk who is credited with founding Zen Buddhism and Kung Fu at the Shaolin temple. Also known as Da Mo in Chinese, and Daruma in Japanese, he is the spiritual father of countless martial artists whose systems trace their origins to Shaolin.

In this slim volume Red Pine (an American monk living in Taiwan) gives an outline of the history, myth and legend surrounding the mystical figure of Bodhidharma and translates these short, enigmatic writings attributed to him.

While others viewed Buddhism as a steady practice on the way to enlightenment, Bodhidharma’s Zen pointed directly to reality, to everyday life. Instead of telling his disciples to purify their minds, he pointed them to rock walls, to the movements of tigers and cranes, to a hollow reed floating in the Yangtze.